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New infosec products of the week: July 23, 2021

Stellar Cyber XDR Kill Chain allows security analyst teams to disrupt cyberattacks

Stellar Cyber introduced a realistic XDR Kill Chain to serve as a new model, addressing the current realities of cyberattacks and focus efforts to stop an attack early and quickly. The new version builds on the MITRE ATT&CK framework to reflect the iterative approach of attackers and the likelihood of attacking any point or multiple points of an organization’s attack surface.

infosec products July 2021

Votiro introduces an AWS S3 bucket connector to reduce risk of weaponized files in storage buckets

With this new capability, all files hosted within AWS storage will be delivered to the Votiro Secure File Gateway. Votiro disarms the file of any malware, creating a completely safe version of the file. After the file has been processed, it is returned to the S3 bucket—replacing the original file with the tagged, sanitized file—and safe for users to open, save, edit, and share without risk.

infosec products July 2021

Cofense Protect MSP: Phishing protection for MSPs safeguarding SMBs

Cofense Protect MSP pairs Computer Vision (a field of artificial intelligence) that simulates how humans see, with Cofense PhishMe’s real-world simulation training. Cofense PhishMe is built into the same user interface and will allow Cofense MSP partners to simulate the latest threats known to bypass SEGs and empower their customers’ employees to be more resilient.

infosec products July 2021

Skyflow PII Data Privacy Vault ensures regulatory compliance for sensitive data

The PII Data Privacy Vault includes the new Skyflow Data Governance Engine, which enables fine-grained access control to data based on roles, policies, or attributes. The vault is delivered as a simple API, allowing software developers to quickly build innovative applications without worrying about data security, privacy, or compliance.

infosec products July 2021

Thales’s biometric payment card provides users with increased security and convenience

The contactless biometric card simplifies proximity payments and also provides an essential level of privacy and confidence. The user’s fingerprint data is loaded on the card via a simple and secure personal enrollment process, carried out from home or at a bank branch.

infosec products July 2021

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